Slow Video Rendering Speed..!

Slow video rendering, what can be done about this growing phenomenon?


With the advance in computer systems and new video rendering software capabilities a canyon is growing. Have you been affected in your list building efforts and want at least some idea of how to close it? Well here are a few suggestions for those who may not possess all of the tech savvy to get around this new and demanding delima.


Slow Video Rendering Speed..!

1) The Graphics Card

The Graphics Card is probably the second most important factor in increasing speed but the first thing most people think of so let’s start here. Frame per second processing is the crucial element here. Normal rates are 30fps and the right card maximizes this efficiency and in a nut shell does increase rendering speeds.

There are so many choices today depending on the system you want to run and the power supply needed by the cards so only the compatibility and power are things you must ensure match.

When It comes to the overall finished video product in terms of look..,  most all of the cards out now will produce a more than acceptable video or image. But!  be sure to load the manufactures drivers and/or do not let a computer electronics store install generic drivers in your system because they work or it’s all they have on hand at the time. “Be sure to ask because this is a common practice.”

Here are a few choices in cards so you can decide what’s best for you:

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“See Fry’s before you buy.”
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Now CPU’s, Oh yes..,

cpu - Slow Video Rendering Speed..!

2) Processor (CPU)

The first consideration to get some fantastic 64bit results is the I7-3930k processor it’s the monster still lurking on the market although later generation CPU’s have come out. Don’t take my word for it, do some research. You will find the later generation higher priced cards only minimally outperform the 3930 in few categories for twice the money. Pairing one with 32GB of ram and a decent Video card your rendering worries will be something you remember only on lonely nights when it’s raining if then.

Note: The CPU is not the cure all for the process as it is concentrated on for post compression of frames. But the maximum result is derived in the effect on efficient memory rate of use. 64bit memory from 4-32GB vs 3.5 max at 32bit.

Unfortunately for those of you who have the video bug but currently own a 32bit system, slower rendering times are going to be the norm. So work with that in mind,as you create.., “keep things as simple as possible with few annotations and special effects which load the render”.

For video elite the reference is to layers, textures, models, triangles and vertices keep them at a minimum. Here are a couple of tweaks well known in the tech world that do help 32’s in a minor way.


memory - Slow Video Rendering Speed..!

Virtual Memory Settings 32bit system

1.Go to your virtual memory, How?
2.Click Start, type in virtual memory, click the “Change Virtual Memory”
3.Click Advanced Settings, under performance Click Settings.
4.Click Advanced tab, then , under virtual memory, click change.
5.Clear the “Automatically manage paging file” size box for all drives.
6.Under Drive [Volume Label], click the drive you want to adjust.
7.Click Custom size, type in megabytes like 3500(MB) for a 2GB system 1.5x memory and set the maximum 1megabytes higher at 3501(MB) for example. This will be a tremendous help for slower systems.
Note: Do not disable or delete the paging files. You do not have to restart after an increase in virtual memory but yes for a decrease.


Cache Settings: Increasing your cache settings also help in a minor way with page processing. Normal range is approx. 20.5mb but you can increase to 350mb for some pep.

Remember this will provide some, an almost noticeable change in rendering speed but a definite increase in your overall system speed will be accomplished by visiting; AnZ Global Video Store

My hope for you is prosperous rendering at lighting speeds, and those of you running the 32bit systems may the CPU gods or Luke Sky walker be with you, live long and keep rendering despite the slow speeds you may encounter.

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