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PPC otherwise known as (Pay Per Click) is a platform developed to allow Internet Advertisers or (Ineternet Marketers) increase traffic by paid means. How does it work? Advertisers pick an avertisement and pay their host only when the ad is clicked on in the sidebar of the page it was plcaed. Tipically the means of acquiring the keyword phrase is by bid. The Keyword phrase should be relevant to the target market. Content sites usually charge a flat rate instead of a bidding process.

PPC does have some differences in the way it’s applied online. For example; When the affiliate approach is used, wherever people may be surfing the web they have the chance to make a purchase. Affiliate partner sites recieve an commission or percentage of the revenue generated.The affiliate site pays only for performance, that is when someone clicks on the advertisement otherwise it represents no cost for the merchant.

Some of the big well known Merchants are Google Adwords, Microsoft ads, Yahoo. The Big 3 use bidding, actual cost can vary depending on the amount of competition and also the search engine itself. There is a wide variety of choices when it comes to where you want to advertise with.

So if PPC is something you have in mnd to increase traffic and ultimately sales you need to be as informed as possible and take your time to make sure all things are in place before you start.  If you want to learn more revisit this page and use the links provided to gain an indepth knowledge before you have at it. Also depending on how involved you plan to get Automation can only help you to manage a large number of campaigns with monitoring necessary to increase and decrease your bids as you look for the sweet spot of EPC vs CPC or your profits.

I will add some basic math or a straight forward math approach to choosing the right EPC vs CPC amounts so you can know what type of profit margin to expect and launch winning campaigns from the start. Look For That Soon.

Below is a few resource links I think are help to start considering automation is this process, to me it only makes since

Why? In my humble opinion to make worthwhile profits with PPC you have to have numbers in terms of campaigns and when money and variation are coupled you need to watch closely, automation sounds like the safe logical choice.

Take the following links as Informational only:

review whats on the market, compare and if you decide to purchase make a strong informed decision.

PPC Performance Software

PPC Automated Software

This will take a block of time to investigate, I will add a few more links later. In the right side bar there is also a link

to a program that has some support offered and has a decent success rate if  you are interested take a look before you leave today.



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