Listbuilding, How Can It Be Done Effectively?

There are of course many different ideas about the best and most effective way to build a list.

For example, if I were to ask you why having a list was praticle, you might say because having
a way to contact people is tantamount to success in any business. Could I argue that point on
a solid foundation? From a general sense No! It’s true in the general statement of listbuilding.

Is it possible to have to many on a list or is there a time when you should cut off the building?
You may reply, what sense would that make when volume of anything equates to more, and in building
a list the whole purpose is to generate more. Is that accurate?

Can you begin to see the reason why 98% of Internet Marketers may enconter serious drag time when
it comes to generating an income online. Not that they are not serious or commited to what thier
trying to accomplish, but the reality is like anything else in life,…there are different ways to
skin a chicken or create a successful approach to online listbuilding and Internet Marketing.

Let’s take a minute to clarify a couple of things we have discussed and when I say clarify really
I’m saying may I share an approach I feel may serve the need of building a list of interested

1. Having Interested People is the Practicle reason behind a good listbuilding effort.
sometimes the emphasis is put on the product, how great and fantastic it works or
how shinny it is under the lights. But If you don’t have anyone interested would it
matter what the effeciency rate is or how it twinkles. No! right,.. it would not.

—Rule #1 Market in the most effective way to develope or satisfy interest. Period.

1.What would interest you?
2.How would you benefit?
3.Is there more than one way the product can be used?
4.Is this something hard to find?
5.Will the cost be at a discount for the general fair market?
6.How long will I have to wait to get my hands on it?
7.Is it logical for what I’m trying to accomplish?

Get the point, Interested people want to be satisfied in specific ways, what are they?
Building a list of oholic buyers is best handled by finding out and giving them what they
are looking for. People building lists are looking for easier ways to generate cash.

One point off the beatten track,..that’s why websites that cover to many different areas
don’t do as well as ones that stick to the theme or domain name in there product selection.
If that fits something your doing don’t be upset remember I’m trying to help you.

—Rule #2 Is There A Chance You Can Have To Many On Your List.

Let me put you in a situation and you tell me which you would prefer.

OK you have a fantastic list of, let’s say 50,000,00 people. WoW you have done a comendable,
great and superfantastic job of recruiting. You obviously where extremely effecient in your
approach.Now you picked a Clickbank product to promoate like all the big gurus teach and at
the push of a few buttons presto you have an unbelievable total sales tally of a whopping 190.00
for a $27.00 Product. Not bad ay for a days work right, come on you only worked all of 1hr.

You call your friend to let him know you killed em today…$190 bucks in 1hr man oh man. Right as
your about to spill the beans on your efforts, He interrupts you knowing his list is no where near
the size of yours and tells you how happly he is for you and hopes you get em again tommorrow. You
know he loves listbuiulding as much as you do so you ask how he did today. He explains how he has a
much smaller list but ponies up the info saying he only made $4557.00 with his list of 3500.

You know what your thinking I don’t have to finish the story. How in the world did he do that.
And there’s no way in the world your going to tell him what you made so he can with mock humility
tell you…. “that’s ok mine must have been some kind of fluke or something”.

What do you think the problem is,which results would you prefer? Here is a prime example of a
listbuilding effort that was done correctly. He did excellent research, maybe using
for demographics ahead of time. found a product that matched that demographic maybe using the
consumer research information available to all online.

That means he sold 75% of his list..2450, each in the $1.86 range. What?

can you believe that, which scenario would you be happy with most? If you would like to know
how to build a nice solid reponsive list and how to do some decent research to produce some
reasonable results, add your name to the resource list and learn to take some of the low hanging
fruit and leave the bragging for the rest.

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