Improve Website Traffic Using a Quick, Easy and Free Technique

Getting instant guaranteed website traffic for free is much easier than you think.

In the next few minutes I’ll share with you the “secret” way I’ve used to get more guaranteed traffic to my website.  This is a hugely underused technique which is oven overlooked by Internet marketers when trying to increase internet traffic, but is somehow very powerful.

One of the most important and often overlooked methods of promoting your online business or service is your Email Signature File.

Consider for a moment all the emails you send every day? Just have a look in your inbox and look under “sent items“.  The last time I looked in mine there were over 35.

Every email you send is a golden opportunity to market your business.  It is such a simple but effective way to keep your brand or your product in front of people without spending a fortune in advertising costs.

You can think of an email signature as a bit like a business card on the internet. Its purpose is to let those who receive your email know that you have other locations online they can visit whenever they want to.

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People DO click on hyperlinks, particularly when they get to know you and the information is readily accessible, so an attractive email signature, with an active link to your website is always the best.

Another strong point is the snowball effect – emails DO get forwarded so their impact is huge.

So how do we create an attractive and enticing email signature.

In most email programs the Settings are as follows:



Mail format


A little Word editor will then open.  Type in some simple settings as follows:

Your message (eg. We provide online services)

Your Name

Your Phone Number

Insert hyperlink to your website

Your Logo

Using a photo is totally optional, but it’s a nice way to remind people that there’s a real “you” behind the emails.

Change up the colors!

People are used to seeing black text on a white background but what if instead; you used red text, or blue text? This will make that email signature stand out like a sore thumb (which means that it’s doing its job).

This simple method can get you guaranteed instant traffic to your website for free, believe me, I have tried and tested it!

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