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Stay Determined To Find Answers

“List Building Can Be Simple”

To “Build A List Online” you need some specific skills, but you only have to master a few of them. Used properly and consistently they will help you build a large list or to begin building your first list FAST…!. One of the first steps is to ask yourself why your trying to build a list in the first place?

Consider the Questions below nice and Slow…,


1. Are you in need of cash and heard this is a way to supplement your income?
2. Do you plan to gain more education if it becomes necessary?
3. Are you the kind of person who can start something and stick until it’s finished?

You have to be sure about these answers because “Yes” will determine your success.

I’m going to share steps to help you get on track with List-building or to build a list, If that’s your desire. The most common method to get started is email marketing, but how often do you just give your email to someone because they ask for it?.. Never right?… So make the relationship the most important part of your approach online.

Remember how it urks you when people just ask you for something with no regard for you.

People will always have the frame of mind “What’s in it for Me” just accept this and adapt by sharing as much as possible not expecting anything in return. A great way to accomplish this is by offering something FREE!. If they perceive it as valuable to them they will likely trust you enough to share their email for it.

Where can you find a Free Giveaway? Better Yet How can you create one to build a list?

What are the most concerning question for your niche, consider looking in Forums. Once you choose the question to clarify visit Ezine Articles, or (Additional Directories) they have a distribution policy that allows you to share published content from their site as long as you don’t “Change the Content Or Omit The Authors Resource Box”.

Find 4 to 5 articles that answer the question you’ve decided to use, create a table of content page, an intro summary page for the topic and another page with your final comments to use as your concluding page with links to videos, squeeze pages and bonuses. Arrange the articles from the directories with these pages in logical order and now you are going to turn this into a PDF you give away for free to get started. You also have PLR Options to purchase an inexpensive giveaway.

You are going to need an auto-responder to build a list and also to manage your email communication with your list. Before you have the code on your site begin making a list of at least 8 emails, think in terms of;

* Your free gift
* A bonus PLR product or 2 or 3
* The answer the PDF will address.
* The features that are a part of your offer that make it unique or beneficial.
* What are the immediate benefits that will make what they do easier, faster or understood?
* How much time is left if they don’t act now?
* Why do you feel they should have this particular point of view?

These are only to get your mental juices flowing in the direction of relationship first as you build a list, load them into your auto-responder and that will give you time to create a few a week while these cycle every 7-15 days from your auto-responder to start the build a list process for you.

What Happens After Someone Opts-In To My Web-Form?

Your will need a Confirmation Page to thank and welcome them, it can read something along the lines as “ Thank You For Making A Very Wise Decision” I have sent an email for confirmation just follow through and look for the special bonus report I promised you.

Now you will need one more page to help them download your information, this will be your Download Page. When your new subscriber confirms the double opt-in they will now be on your list and be redirected for their download to this page for the PDF and or a bonus you have put together for them.

How Do I Generate Traffic To Visit My Site After I Build A List?

Although Content is king there comes a time when it has to take a back seat to “Traffic” and now you need some. I’m going to focus on free traffic to get started. I suggest beginners use Article Marketing first, Video definitely next and then add your, PPC, CPV Etc, when you know what you are doing with the money involved.
Ezine Articles will accept your submissions of unique content you write, just add a link to your site in the resource box and over time traffic will start if your consistent. Use these same articles to create videos and upload them to video sharing websites like Youtube, , Viddler or Vimeo. Be sure to include a link pointing to your website in the additional information section on the right side of the video in the description box.

Visit Before You Build Your:  “LIST”  This Will Give You Some Insight If You Are New!

If you stay consistent with Articles and Videos on a daily basis your traffic will begin to grow exponentially and your List opt-in numbers will start to improve even more.

Having a list of responsive consumers you have built a relationship with is no longer seen as a list option. This is an essential part of generating your income online as quickly as possible which is why you build a list. Now you have the beginning of your sales funnel starting to shape up. Don’t take your progress lightly these list steps are not easy for most although they are not to difficult, just stay focused and don’t stop. You can find all of the products and direction here on this site or other associated sites listed below for reference.



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Authored by: Zisses Gregory

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